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  • Full Name: S.C. PaperHandsDAO S.R.L.
  • EU ID: ROONRC.J16/2054/2022
  • Country of residence: Romania


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Founder / Developer

Pioneering entrepreneur, poised to etch his mark on the web3 revolution. Adept at concocting code capellini when off the clock, serving up digital delights with a side of innovation.

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aervue | Twitter


Marketing Manager

A long term marketing manager; she has run marketing campaigns in web2 and web3 for nearly 10 years. She loves web3 and enjoys interacting with people across the board. Her passions entail learning new things and she will always be there for here community.

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aervue | Twitter


Community Manager

A maestro of memes and master of online mingling. Known for transforming dull forums into virtual fiestas, and spinning digital plates while riding a unicycle in their downtime. The perfect blend of wit and wisdom for the web3 world.

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aervue | Twitter



A prodigious pixel prodigy who conquered countless high school art competitions, whipping up digital masterpieces faster than you can say "omelette du fromage." If Picasso were around today, he'd be trading in his paintbrush for a stylus just to keep up with this digital dynamo.

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Hanzkingdom | Twitter Hanzkingdom | Instagram Hanzkindom | Facebook