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Sneak peek

Sneak Peek


Welcome to the Trickster Collective, where a motley crew of ingenious minds and creative spirits unite to make a splash in the web3 realm! Fueled by our passion for all things Bitcoin and bolstered by our exceptional software prowess, we're crafting a digital wonderland of detailed, mesmerizing art that would leave even the Old Masters green with envy. So come, join us in our vibrant community as we weave together technology and imagination, unlocking the full potential of the blockchain and turning the world of Bitcoin into a dazzling masterpiece for the ages!


Behold our marvelous art collection, a labor of love meticulously crafted for over a year! With more than 650 hand-made, high-resolution traits spanning across 10 delightful categories, we've brewed a concoction that can generate over 3,000 trillion unique combinations in a vacuum. Each masterpiece is destined to stand the test of time, oozing with character and unparalleled rarity. Fear not, dear connoisseurs, for our generation process is pseudo-random, employing our very own open-source software to harmoniously blend traits and ensure every piece looks astonishingly fabulous. Be on the lookout for the subtle touch of the golden ratio, a testament to our artistic prowess, woven consistently throughout the artwork.


  • Collection Name: Trickster
  • Blockchain host: Bitcoin
  • Image host: Bitcoin
  • Size: 1000
  • Traits: 650+
  • Onchain Resolution: 512 x 512 pixels
  • Offchain Resolution: 4000 x 4000
  • Categories: 10
  • Uniques: 5
  • Creation method: hand-made
  • Generation method: pseudo-random