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Stellar Crystals

We planned to release on Cardano but we have since pivoted to Bitcoin Ordinals. To reward our early contributors we have airdropped them Stellar Crystals. Each crystal represents a ticket to mint during our whitelist phase at a discounted price based on rarity.


  • Whitelists per crystals: 1
  • Whitelist price: 1000 ADA
  • Max quantity: 1000

How to exchange

  • Create a bitcoin ordinals wallet
  • Open a ticket to reclaim
  • You are able to combine multiple crystals to receive a bigger or full discount (you lose extra whitelists by doing this)
22068 ADA
18083 ADA
150100 ADA
120125 ADA
100150 ADA
80188 ADA
60250 ADA
45330 ADA
30500 ADA
151000 ADA