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Sneak peek

Sneak Peek


The collection has been under development for over a year. Featuring over 650 hand-made high-resolution traits spread across 10 different categories. These traits could generate over 3000 trillion unique combinations in a vacuum, ensuring each one will feel unique to ensure they pass the test of time. The metadata will contain a Rarity trait which determines the final rarity, staking rewards & voting power within our ecosystem. The generation is pseudo-random using our own open-source software to classify different traits together to ensure there are no weird combinations and each one looks incredible while also ensuring that specific combinations get a power boost (i.e.: very low amount of traits will get such bonus). The golden ratio can be found consistently within the artwork.


  • Collection Name: Trickster
  • Blockchain host: Cardano
  • Image host: IPFS
  • Size: 3333
  • Traits: 650+
  • Resolution: 4000 x 4000 pixels
  • Categories: 10
  • Uniques: 5
  • Creation method: hand-made
  • Generation method: pseudo-random
  • Royalty: 5%