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Our current DAO will be held on discord.

We envision a place of information and collaboration with the purpose of financial freedom and self-development by utilizing all features and custom bots to unlock the full potential of what a community can truly be.


There have been various attacks on public discord bots recently. We intend to own the full stack of bots, these include but are not limited to:

  • Human Verification Bot
  • Holder Verification Bot (with franken exploit fixed and loyalty roles)
  • Tipping Bot (from the claimable $TRICK amount)
  • Data Fetching Bots (utilizing our data analytics API)
  • Member Data Validation Bot (utilizing data to it's full potential requires humans to validate their importance and truthfulness)
  • Proposal Submission Bot
  • Proposal Voting Bot (in which the full Power of the voter is taken into account)
  • Many more


Final structure will be decided within the DAO. We will have the following and their required subsections:

  • Crypto Analytics
  • NFT Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • World News
  • Self-Development
  • Proposals
  • Missions
  • Chill Zones