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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A decentralized autonomous organization is an organization constructed by rules encoded as a computer program that is often transparent, controlled by the organization's members and not influenced by a central entity.

Many communities claim to be one when in fact they are a centralized entity with a distributed voting system. This is also the path we will take as the community will be in control of centralized software and services and complete autonomy and decentralization is not yet feasible. The long term plan is to become truly autonomous and decentralized when reliance on these centralized systems is no longer required.

TricksterLabs will be in charge of implementing the organization's plans as long as they adhere to regulatory policies and are within means.

Community Proposal and Voting

Any member above a certain level will be able to draft and submit a proposal. Each member can then vote using their entity's complete power.

Power formula is as follows:

Power = (Power1 * LoyaltyRewards1) + (Power2 * LoyaltyRewards2) + ... + (PowerN * LoyaltyRewardsN)