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We are a team of talented individuals from various backgrounds with the sole purpose of building the most influential decentralized autonomous organization in web3. We pursue financial freedom and self-development through our various tools, services and community hub. Our home is on Cardano but our scope is global.


Holding a Trickster PFP grants you Level 0 access within our community. By playing the loyalty game you are able to increase your ranks and earn $TRK tokens.

Tools and Services

We have and will continue to release tools and services to benefit whole crypto and our community. Premium ones will require spending $TRICK tokens.


Proposals can be made by anyone with a minimum rank of Level 1. Members can then vote using their power score and the result will be carried out by our team until a better system can be implemented.


The residence of our DAO. By owning the full stack of bots we can take what a discord server can be to the next level. All our services will be linked to the discord in one way or another.

End Game

Once our work is done and the reliance on centralized services is not needed anymore we envision a self-sustainable group with no central authority or single failure point.