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Staking Pools

TricksterLabs will be operating a total of 3x Cardano Staking Pools with a 5% commision on ADA rewards.

  • TricksterEU
  • TricksterUS (Coming Soon)
  • TricksterSEA (Coming Soon)

Unlocked Staking

To stake and earn $TRK tokens you need the following:

  • Hold one or more Trickster PFP in any Cardano Wallet.
  • Stake to your delegated pool.
  • (Optional) Hold a minimum amount of ADA based on your Power score to maximize benefits

Unlocked staking rewards will be claimable on our website and the distribution will be centralized but verifiable until the total amount of tokens is minted after which only the tokens consumed on our services will be distributed equally based on your total stake compared to others.

ADA Requirements

Below 20%Power x Loyalty x 0.1
Above 20%Power x Loyalty x 0.2
Above 30%Power x Loyalty x 0.3
Above 40%Power x Loyalty x 0.4
Above 50%Power x Loyalty x 0.5
Above 60%Power x Loyalty x 0.6
Above 70%Power x Loyalty x 0.7
Above 80%Power x Loyalty x 0.8
Above 90%Power x Loyalty x 0.9
Above 100%Power x Loyalty x 1.0
Above 300%Power x Loyalty x 1.1
Above 1000%Power x Loyalty x 1.2

Locked Staking

Until enough fountain sinks are implemented, the mechanism in which we reduce the circulating supply is by offering locked staking rewards at a 10% APR. There will be time-locked pools available to join and operated using smart contracts. The locked staking will be a temporary solution until all the tokens are minted.