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We currently have an MVP (minimum viable product) available over at TricksterWallet. There will be breaking changes. Initially we will only support Cardano with more adapters in the future. (The community is free to submit pull requests)

Tech Stack

  • NodeJS (open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment.)
  • TypeScript (compilable to JavaScript, because most of web3 is ran in the browser and would make integration with current DAPPs a breeze)
  • QuasarJS (VueJS based framework to easily make user interfaces)
  • ElectronJS (works on all operating systems)
  • Dexie.js (browser-based, easy to work with, persistant database)
  • TyphonJS (open-source Cardano Wallet adapter)
  • CryptoJS (industry standard encryption methods for dealing with sensitive data)

API Stack

  • Koios.Rest (open-source postgresql based self-hostable API to communicate with the Cardano Blockchain)
  • OpenCNFT (proprietary API for Cardano NFT data analytics, this will be later switched to our own version)

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS


  • UI is using the main thread
  • Background tasks are using a secondary thread
  • Queue system in place to meet API limits
  • Modular in nature to support multiple blockchain adapters and community plugins